A new report of Canadian shoppers has shed light some light on the struggle Canadian retailers are having in keeping up with their U.S. counterparts.

Not surprisingly, 81% of Canadian online shoppers say they rely on search engines to compare prices online. Of the survey respondents who have shopped online internationally, 80% have purchased from an American or another international online retailer because they could not find the products they were looking for in Canada.

62% of respondents say price is the top factor influencing their online purchasing decisions and 59% say they looked outside the country in search of lower prices. Additionally, 37% of respondents say they can find products cheaper on U.S. web sites than on the sites of Canadian retailers – even with customs, taxes and shipping costs included.

Some interesting statistics affecting in-store retailers include:

    •  61% said they’d like to see in-store inventory online
    • 41% said they should be able to order online for in-store pickup
    • 56% said they expect online and store prices to match

Forrester, together with Canada Post and Shop.ca, surveyed via the web 1,103 adult Canadian Internet shoppers in March 2013 in its “State of Canadian Online Retail 2013” report.