With the rapid rise in smartphone penetration, consumers can now browse a store’s aisles with the internet at their fingertips. Understanding this growing shopping behaviour is important for retailers, large and small.

A recent study – aimed at understanding how consumers “showroom” (defined as using a mobile device in a store to compare prices and find out more about products) – helps to shed light on how consumers are using their mobile devices in-store, and explores strategies for retailers to consider for these mobile-assisted shoppers.


Some interesting stats about the survey respondents:

  • 21% are “M-Shoppers” — using mobile devices while in retail stores
  • 30% of M-Shoppers are committed to purchasing in-store, only using their smartphones to find more information
  • 48% of M-Shoppers are more likely to purchase products in-store when they are a loyalty program member
  • 60% of M-Shoppers are more likely to buy a product in-store when they find online reviews on their smartphone
  • M-Shoppers are nearly as likely to use the store’s own website (70%) as another website (75%) to gather product information

The study, Showrooming and the Rise of the Mobile-Assisted Shopper was conducted by Columbia Business School and Aimia. It examined 3,000 consumers in three markets: US, UK, and Canada.

View the full study here: http://www.aimia.com/files/doc_downloads/Aimia_MobileAssistedShopper.pdf