As technology evolves, the way we perform day-to-day tasks such as searching for products and business keeps changing.

A few years ago, voice activated commands were more frustrating than not, returning inaccurate results that were sometimes downright funny.

Recently however, voice capture has gotten to the point where it is precise enough to be really useful. In fact, Google recent announced that 20 percent of all searches now have voice intent, which is quite an impressive number considering there are 100 billion searches performed each day.

Even more interesting, Hound, a voice query app, found that 22% of voice searches were for local information and ComScore estimates that by 2020, a full 50 percent of all searches will be by voice.

How does Voice Search affect you as a business owner?
The way a person interacts through voice search is different from the way they interact with a search engine. A user would type in a few keywords to return results, whereas a person speaking to an assistant would use more natural language. This means searches can be longer and a lot more nuanced.

This means that, as a business owner, you need to start thinking about sharpening your approach in order to properly capture this exploding new trend in the way individuals locate the businesses and services they need.

You have a lot to gain by getting this right, especially if you have a local storefront. Here are a few tips to make your online presence voice search friendly:

  • Implement Long-Tail Keywords in your content: Long tail keywords are very specific three and four keyword phrases. For example, if you sell clothing, your chances of coming up using the words women’s fashion are very small. However, using the keywords Ellie Saab Evening Dress in Calgary would return your business for customers searching that specific product. This increases your chance of coming up first in results when someone requests the specific service you offer.
  • FAQs are an excellent way to answer a lot of questions using a more conversational tone. Maximize your Frequently Asked Questions by integrating the answers throughout your blog, social media and site content.
    Write content using a natural conversational tone. Gone are the days of the one-way conversation and keyword dropping. Interesting content, shared by a knowledgeable source wins every time.
  • Ask yourself these questions and integrate the answers throughout all of your online mediums:
    • Are there landmarks you need to call out, such as “in old city” or anything else significant that will be a cue for your searcher?
    • What are the local places of interest that matter to your company?
    • How do folks describe your neighbourhood in natural speak?