Content Inspiration for New Affiliate Partners

As an affiliate, great looking ads are nice, but they have nowhere near the same power as creating compelling, useful content does.

And we all know that creating well-written, well-researched and fresh content every week is time consuming. Even the best writers get faced with the dreaded writer’s block.

When speaking to small business owners, discussions on improving their business does not have to center only about the product that you endorse. Offering expertise on related subjects can be just as convincing when establishing your expertise.

In order to help get you started, here are a few pieces that we have created about the ShopToIt Marketing Platform. If you would like specific content to help you succeed in your new Affiliate Venture, you can also contact us directly to submit an article request. We love to contribute with other writers!

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  2. 4 Ways to Convert Mobile Searches to In-Store Purchases
  3. Searches with Intent: 6% of Local Searches Result in a Visit to the Business
  4. Google to Separate Mobile & Desktop Searches: What Does It Mean for Your Business?
  5. Voice Search & How It Can Affect Your Business
  6. What is a ShopToIt Lead Site?
  7. Are You Succeeding at Mobile?
  8. How Mobile Has Become the New Storefront
  9. Succeed at Local Search
  10. Measure Your Marketing Success