As mentioned last month, a solid mobile strategy is as imperative to the progressive marketer, as a little black dress to the fashionista.

Did you know?
According to Wikepedia (Q3 – 2011), Canada ranked 34th in the world in number of mobile users at 25,543,862 phones in a population of 34,482,779 (74.1%). As of September 2011, 8 million people in Canada owned smartphones, representing 40% of the Canadian mobile market, and according to, smartphone penetration is poised to grow exponentially within the next 2 years to more than 12.7 million.

But what does smartphone adoption ultimately mean for the Canadian retailer?

Smartphone users make the most out of the convenience of having access to the internet 24 / 7 / 365. A March 10, 2012 tweet from Canada’s @DesignEdgemag revealed that “35% of smartphone users check devices before getting out of bed; 80% multitask while watching TV”, and US studies have gone so far as to prove even the toilet isn’t off limits for the most addicted of users!

As for specific shopping related activities, a 2011 study by Google uncovered that all types of consumers are using their smartphones to search for specific products and brands, and to find nearby stores where they can buy. According to the study:

  • 78% search store information (location, hours, directions)
  • 69% search product Information (reviews, comparisons, prices)
  • 52% contact a retailer (phoned, emailed)
  • 48% search offers and discounts (coupons, deals)

This prompted ShopToIt to conduct a 90-day study on our own user base, comparing web and mobile engagement. The study was conducted between November 1st, 2011 and January 31st, 2012.

ShopToIt Mobile (available for free download at the iTunes store) is Canada’s first geo-targeted, product-centric shopping app and daily deal aggregator, in one. During this 3-month test period, almost 10,000 users engaged with the app generating over 65,000 shopping sessions, and viewing an average of 8.64 pages per visit.

The ShopToIt mobile audience was 105X more engaged than our desktop shoppers, they engaged the app for an average of 15:07 minutes per visit, and over 65.5% of the mobile sessions resulted in a click-thru!

As for what Canadian mobile shoppers are searching for, soft goods came out on top. There were 139% more clothing searches on ShopToIt Mobile than on the ShopToIt web shopping network. A comparison of the top category consumption between the two channels was as follows:

web vs mobile shoppers

Click here to see more results from the ShopToIt QIV mobile study (pdf)

Realizing the shift in consumer behavior to mobile consumption, ShopToIt is currently building its mobile shopping network similar to the successful online shopping network. By the end of 2012, ShopToIt expects this network expansion to grow our mobile shopping engagement by 11,400%. Contact us at or 1.8888.838.3388 x26 for more information on how we can help you reach the mobile shopper and drive in-store traffic.