The Impact of Local Search on Retail

The massive adoption of Smartphones by Canadians is changing the way consumers access the Internet. In fact, searching from a mobile phone is expected to exceed searching from a computer desktop by 2015. Consumers searching from a mobile device are looking for local information, like retail stores – not online information, like ecommerce stores. For in-store retailers, reaching these active nearby shoppers represents the single greatest advertising opportunity available today – maybe ever.

To watch a 3 minute video of the Mobile Movement on YouTube, click on the link below.
“The Mobile Movement: understanding smartphone consumers”

The Return on Investment

A recent study with adidas shoes demonstrated that 20% of every local store page displayed to an active shopper resulted in an in-store visit. Additionally, 20% of those that visited the store made an on-the-spot purchase, with an average order value of $80.00. The net result was that every local store pageview resulted in $3.20 in sales, almost instantly. Not to mention the lifetime value of a new client.

To watch the 2 minute video of the adidas study, on YouTube, click on the link below.
“adidas Case Study: the Full Value of Mobile”

To watch an interesting 4.5 minute informational ad from Google about how mobile search is changing consumer behaviour click on the link to YouTube below.
The Full Value of Mobile Ads – “the new path to purchase”

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