Many small businesses naturally assume branding is too expensive to contemplate and go about their days without truly ever defining their brand. But, whether you are an ecommerce or local store, creating brand awareness goes a long way to increasing customer loyalty and repeat sales.

The internet provides consumers with the ultimate tool to complete a well-researched and successful transaction, but the ability for shoppers to do a quick search on Google puts local and ecommerce stores in the same predicament – how do they set themselves apart from the competition? How do they close the sale?

Every time your business is displayed on a search results page in Google, you are increasing your brand and awareness. When a shopper clicks through to your webpage, are you making sure you are taking the opportunity to sell the things that set your store apart from your competitors?

Here are 4 low budget tips that will help you build your instore and ecommerce brand:

1) What do you want to be known for? Define what you want the customer to associate your company with. Is it your staff knowledge base? Is it your quick delivery? Is it your customer service? Are you even clear what it is? If not, consider brainstorming with staff or surveying your existing customer base.

2) Are your marketing channels consistent? Do your website, Facebook page, brochures, ads etc. clearly convey what you want to be known for? Is your company name clear and consistently represented in all channels? Are sales reps consistently conveying your brand differentiator? Existing marketing channels are a quick and dirty way to tighten up your brand and reinforce customer recognition.

3) Are you tooting your own horn? Case studies and testimonials give credibility to your brand. Tap into your happy customer base and ask for their stories.

4) Are you visually consistent? Consistent visual elements will help your customers remember your business. Do you have a logo? Is it up to date on all marketing materials? Ensure your corporate colours are consistent too.

Keep your customers loyal and buying repeatedly. It’s easier – and more affordable – than you think!

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