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New Intuit Integration

In our ongoing effort to simplify local search for small businesses, we are pleased to announce we have added Intuit to our growing list of integrations and apps! Our new integration lets Intuit / Quickbooks users automatically create and connect their Shoptoit...

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Local Discovery Optimizer – Special Promotion

Get found by nearby searchers, who are actively looking for the products or services you provide in your local market. Getting found by a nearby searcher, who is actively looking for the products or services you provide in your physical place of business - is the most...

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Site Options

Our goal is to get you new customers through local search. Where we send these potential customers is up to you. Where would you like us to send potential customers when they are searching for your type of business? We offer three easy options to suit clients at all...

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FREE – Shoptoit API: Mobile Location Landing Page

For every business that creates a Shoptoit account, our search robot “Gary” will automatically create and update an API (you can look it up here but basically a magic language that robots & computers use to exchange data - speak to each other) for the business...

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AI Finds New Customers for Small Businesses

Why This Friendly AI Bot is Making the Marketing ‘Gurus’ Nervous   Small businesses of the world, rejoice. The robots are here, and they’re not interested in taking over the planet. Instead, today’s AI (or, “machine learning”) technologies are being designed with...

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Google Quickstart FAQs

Google QuickStart Frequently Asked Questions   No problem! Your sites link together and they both benefit from the link exchange. A Shoptoit LeadSite is designed specifically to work with Google mobile search  to reach new customers and drive visits to your business...

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SMBs: 10 Powerful Ways to Quickly Improve Your SEO

To put it simply: Google is amazing. No matter what you’re looking for, from “why are dogs and cats always fighting?” to “where can I buy a green toaster in Manitoba?”, Google can find a list of potential—and often great—answers within seconds. However, Google really...

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Facebook vs AdWords

THE ULTIMATE ANSWER TO… Should I Advertise With Facebook Ads or Google AdWords? In 2017, most small business owners know that online advertising can be an incredibly effective way to find new customers. However, simply knowing that advertising online is a good idea...

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Top 10 Shoptoit Blog Posts for Small Businesses

Content Inspiration for New Affiliate Partners As an affiliate, great looking ads are nice, but they have nowhere near the same power as creating compelling, useful content does. And we all know that creating well-written, well-researched and fresh content every week...

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Webinar: Compete with the Big Guys

Beat your competition without spending a fortune on marketing. Learn to compete with big businesses through mobile search, online marketing, and the power of automated Google Adwords. Customers are searching for your products and services right now. As you read this,...

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