Shoptoit Inc. collaborates with Canada’s Leading MGA Qualified Financial Services Inc. (QFS) to Help Financial Advisors Thrive in the Digital Age

CALGARY, AB January 13, 2020 – In an on-going effort to help small businesses compete in today’s expanding digital landscape, Shoptoit has partnered with QFS, an industry-leading Canadian MGA.

“We built the cloud-based, automated Shoptoit Search Platform specifically to make it fast, easy, and affordable for every small business to create a perpetual stream of new customers from local search marketing. Insurance advisors are a perfect example of a small business that can benefit from our service.” says Scott Sanderson, Co-founder of Shoptoit.

Every month in Canada there are more than 30 million monthly searches for financial services. It is clear that when a consumer is looking for help with their Insurance needs, they turn to Google. When they find a local independent Insurance advisor at this stage, they often reach out and become a bonafide lead. Google is an unbelievable source of leads for Insurance Advisors.

However, most Insurance Advisors find it too complicated, time-consuming, and expensive to compete in Google for new customers effectively. Success in search marketing requires a properly formatted mobile website, comprehensive business listing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics, reputation management, and a local advertising campaign. The task is too daunting, and it’s simply too expensive for smaller buisnesses to outsource or hire an agency. Many Insurance Advisors remain invisible to nearby consumers. They are missing out on today’s best lead-source for new clients.

Sanderson goes on to say, “Our strategy at Shoptoit is to make it easy and affordable for the advisors to get more leads from Google. We start the advisor out small and use their actual results to give them suggestions on how to grow. We have created an instrumental, fully-automated cloud-based suite of tools that really deliver results at a fraction of the cost of agencies and competing solutions.”

“Consumers regularly turn to Google to research anyone and anything that they are considering buying from or buying as part of their purchasing journey. Our role as an MGA is to help equip advisors with the right tools that they can choose to use if it aligns with their unique business model and growth plans. We’re here to provide a “toolbox” and they choose the tool they need. We believe that collaborating with Shoptoit will provide just that – a robust marketing tool that will help advisor build their businesses faster through maximizing on what Google already provides – a pool of opportunities” says Fiona Cuddy, President, Qualified Financial Services Inc.

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Shoptoit is a cloud-based, SAAS (software as a service) platform that cost-effectively manages all aspects of product search for a small business. Its platform is specifically designed to make it fast, easy and affordable for any small businesses to create a perpetual stream of new customers from search. Learn more:

About QFS

Qualified Financial Services Inc. is Canada’s premier, independent and family-owned MGA. At QFS, every decision we make is made with the advisor in mind. We are not just another MGA. We are people, but not just any people. We are a team. A team who is dedicated, committed, whose experience is unmatched in the marketplace. An MGA that invests in its advisors. An MGA that is rooted in growth, innovation, and an uncanny will to never stop.
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