Create a compelling passive income by helping small business conquer mobile search.

Starting at only $100, the automated Shoptoit Marketing Platform makes it ridiculously easy for any small business to slaughter their much bigger competitors in local mobile search.

In North America today, there are more than 40 million small businesses missing out on the powerful results mobile search is delivering to “big brands”. We need your help to make these small business aware that with Shoptoit they can realistically compete with, and beat, the big guys at reaching new customers in their local markets and driving them into their local, independent business.

Shoptoit worked directly with Google and specifically built our Marketing Platform to help small business capitalize on mobile search traffic. Shoptoit’s industry-leading platform delivers:

  • a comprehensive mobile website for each business location
  • an SEO campaign for the products and services they sell
  • a locally targeted Google AdWords campaign to guarantee visits
  • all starting at under $100 per month including ads on Google!

Now you can sign up to become an trusted Shoptoit Affiliate and earn 15% on every dollar your leads bring to us. The average Shoptoit customer spends $150 per month to drive customers to their business from Google search, so you receive $22.50 per month per customer.

Additionally, our two-tiered program rewards intrepid Affiliates with an additional 5% of all revenues derived by introducing our program to other Affiliate Marketers.

It can really add up and you can feel good about helping small businesses thrive is these challenging “big-brand” times.

It’s easy, there’s no risk and you’ll see results quickly.

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