Mobile search advertising grew over 105% in the first half of 2016. Why, because it’s quite simply the best way to drive new customers to your physical business today. You can literally reach a nearby searcher while they are actively looking for a place where they can buy the specific product or service your business provides. That’s powerful stuff with Google stating 76% of local searchers visit a business and 28% buy – often within the hour. Google also states they are now delivering more than 1.5 billion in-store visits per month and it’s growing fast. The big guys are dominating mobile search, but consumers overwhelmingly state they would prefer to support independent businesses in their communities. Can they find your business in mobile search? Likely not easily, and with the new announcement from Google that they are eliminating non-mobile approved sites from the mobile search index, many small businesses are about to become completely invisible to mobile searchers.

The single most impactful thing you can do this year to help your business grow is get into mobile search. Almost every small business owner knows they need to do a better job in mobile search they simply do not have have the know-how, the time or the extra money to get started. In order to help small businesses compete, Shoptoit partnered directly with Google to create the automated Shoptoit Marketing Platform. Now with the Shoptoit $100 Quick Start Program, in about 15 minutes of your time, you can create a Google approved mobile LeadSite for your business location, add products and services to it to enhance your SEO and turn on a locally targeted Google AdWords campaign to deliver a minimum of 55 visitors. And yes the $100 includes the ads on Google!

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