The use of tablets and smartphones as shopping tools is a trend growing faster than many had predicted.

A recent study conducted by, comScore and the Partnering Group found that 55% of all retail-related internet time occurred on smartphones or tablets – and just 45% on desktop devices.

Retail is one of the fastest-growing areas amongst mobile content categories. From June 2012 to June of this year, retail grew 49% as a content category on smartphones, ranking fourth.

Some highlights of the shopping activities carried out by smartphone owners:

  • One-third (35%) used their device to locate a store
  • one-quarter (24%) used it to find coupons and deals
  • 19% used it to look up product availability.

This study is yet another reminder of the importance of catering to mobile consumers. With the majority of shopping research occurring on mobile devices, retailers must ensure they can be found.

The full study is available for purchase from here: