Now more than ever, customers are looking for products or services online. They are looking for businesses that offer online ordering, with curbside pickup or delivery options.
These consumers have a strong need to feel safe, and small businesses must offer convenient, contact-less, and online options – while maintaining profit.
In our ongoing effort to help small businesses, we’ve created bundles to help every business build a solid digital foundation and get more new customers, while maintaining profits.
Our Online Ordering & Curbside bundle is great for hospitality and retail businesses looking to offer their products or menu online, with delivery or curbside pickup options. And the great new is, it’s easy to setup and maintain, and our affordable pricing options make it viable for any small business.

Online & Curbside


Create a professional looking, comprehensive online ordering system with everything you need to meet the growing needs of your customers

Easily setup an online catalogue of your products or menu, with options to setup delivery and curbside pickup options.

This foundation can attach to your existing website, or become the website if required.

easily create an online store or menu, with unlimited items.

quick setup options using Stripe, Square, or PayPal – with no additional processing fees

let your customers reserve their order for pickup

for your products or menu

have our team create up to 30 products for your online store or menu.

Whether you need an affordable online foundation, or just need new customers to your existing platform, we have a solution to help your small business.

Curbside Foundation
Offer safe and convenient online & curbside options for your customers
New Customers Gradual

Get found by nearby consumers for the products and services you provide locally

New Customers Immediate

Guarantee consumers find your business while they’re actively searching for what you sell

Our team is always here to help – if you’d like to learn more about how our platform handles all aspects of local and product search for small businesses, feel free to book a call with a shoptoit rep to learn how we can help your business succeed.