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In today’s world – a world dominated by Google – if your business does not show up on page one of a search result relevant to your industry, in your local market, you’re simply missing out on free traffic and new customers.

Google is now delivering billions of searches to eager consumers everyday, and introducing them to local providers is a big part of what they do. The trick to getting some of these free introductions from Google, is to beat your competition in the eyes of Google. Higher Google Rank = More Customers, plain and simple.

Since 2005 we have been helping North American small businesses get more traffic from Google, and the one thing we’ve come to learn about small businesses is that they do not think there is anything they can do to compete.

They are wrong.

Consumers do not go to Google searching for the Big Brands. They already know who the big brands are, what they sell, and where they are. They’re looking for alternatives – and Google wants to give them what they want: local alternatives.

The problem is, when it comes to small businesses, Google simply doesn’t know who to trust. Google cannot verify who is real, and who they should trust with this new potential customer.

This is a great time for small businesses to thrive. They just need a little help to become aware of the problem, understand where they currently stand amongst their competitors, and continue to improve over time.

Our Competitor Benchmark Report is a great place to start.

Take 2 minutes and see where you rank relative to your competition.
Simply provide the name and city of three of your competitors, and we will email you a competitive analysis outlining where you rank in local search compared to one another. Click here to get a free scan of your business and how you rank compared to your competition.

Competitor Local Search Benchmark Report

See how you rank against your competitors in local searches using our Competitor Local Search Benchmark snapshot.

This free report shows you how you stand up against your competitors when potential customers are searching locally on Google.

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