Create a Perpetual Stream of New Customers from Local Search

Your future customers are searching from various devices, apps and platforms for the services you provide. You need to be there, in their local search results, and you need the tools to convert them from searcher to customer.

Shoptoit and IDC Worldsource have collaborated to bring you an automated platform built specifically to help you get new customers from your local market.  Whether you have a website or not, our automated solution can help you get found within mere minutes, at a fraction of the cost, with no experience required.

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“I work with advisors everyday, and know firsthand the challenges with getting new customers, particularly in today’s digital age. IDC Worldsource wanted to find a way to help our advisors. We found Shoptoit, and have worked with them to create this program specifically to help your financial services business thrive. This is a free offer with no commitment. Give it a try, I am sure it can work for you”

National Director, Sales Innovation
IDC Worldsource Insurance Network

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In Canada there are close to 30 million searches for Financial Services each year on Google alone

Google states that 35% of these searches have local intent

That’s more than 800,000 potential opportunities per month

Can these potential customers find you?

The Shoptoit Platform and IDC have you covered.

To the Internet, your business is a bunch of data about who you are, where you are, and what you do. Our Search Robot Gary, with the help of IDC Worldsource, are here to streamline search for your business.


Our platform creates and manages thousands of data points about your business, and organizes and structures this data to work with directly with other bots, like Google.


In less than 5 minutes of your time Gary will do all the work to make sure your business can always be found by local, engaged searchers. Whether you have a website or not, Shoptoit has you covered!

Your Business Data

digital foundation
organic traffic | SEO
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Drive New Customers to Your Business.

Don’t need a website just want new customers? No problem!

The automated Shoptoit Platform is of wholly modular design, and works with any website or webpage. That means you can select only the modules that you need. Already have a website or a conversion webpage and just want more quality local traffic? Turn on the Shoptoit Local Discovery Optimizer module to get more (free) organic traffic. When you are ready to get guaranteed local results turn on the Shoptoit AdWords module, set your monthly budget and your local campaign will be live in Google AdWords in just 2 days.

We use your existing mobile site, or create one for you
We create and syndicate a local profile for your business
We get you found in organic and paid local search

Our Automated Search Platform delivers a perpetual stream of new customers from your local market.

Need a mobile-friendly site for your business?

Shoptoit Search Optimized Sites are designed to drive new cutomers to your business

A Simple Process.. If You’re a Robot.

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no credit card required | purchase when you like | billed monthly | no contracts or setup fees
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