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More than 80% of Insurance Advisors are penalized by Google due to inaccurate or incomplete listings

and are not being shown on the first page of search results
“I work with advisors everyday, and know firsthand the challenges with getting new customers, particularly in today’s digital age. IDC Worldsource wanted to find a way to help our advisors. We found Shoptoit, and have worked with them to create this program specifically to help your financial services business thrive. This is a free offer with no commitment. Give it a try, I am sure it can work for you”
National Director, Sales Innovation
IDC Worldsource Insurance Network

Our mission is to create a perpetual stream of new customers to your small business

Shoptoit is a cloud-based marketing platform that leverages automation to make it fast, easy, and affordable for any small businesses to reach new customers through Google search.

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