Shoptoit Referral Partner Program


Help us grow our business and we’ll help grow yours

Do you have a friend or colleague who could benefit from reaching new customers and growing sales? Share the Shoptoit Seller Program with them, and when they activate their FREE Mobile LeadSite, we’ll give both you and them a 30% AdMatch coupon, to be used on keyword advertising campaigns designed to drive new customers to both of your businesses.

Sign up to the Shoptoit Referral Program to gain access to our Referral Partner Centre. This is where you will find links, emails, and banners to share with your colleagues. The Shoptoit Referral Program is all managed by industry leading Infusionsoft – an automated tracking software, so you can always see what is happening with your efforts.

30% AdMatch Coupon

According to Google, 64.6% of all clicks in search are on ads. Our Sellers Program helps businesses reach new customers and grow sales by offering the option to run keyword ad campaigns on Google, Yahoo and Bing. These ad campaigns are created and fully managed by Shoptoit so they take literally no time to get started. Campaigns are locally targeted to reach nearby buyers and drive customers to your Shoptoit Mobile LeadSite. Redeem an AdMatch coupon and receive an additional 30% in ad dollars when you add an advertising balance of your choice to your account.

Our Referral Program Includes:

  • A free Mobile LeadSite (Google-approved mobile website)
  • 5 free product listings, displayed on this site
  • Full search engine optimization (SEO) for the site
  • The option to auto-create local keyword ad campaigns
  • a 30% AdMatch coupon for keyword ad campaigns

Key selling points of the Seller Program you’ll be offering:

  • No credit card required
  • No set up fees
  • No contracts or management fees
  • Our free option is always free

Paid options include:

  • Platform upgrade to access;
    • Full product catalogue for the brand they sell
    • Social Media integration for Facebook and Twitter
    • Promotions and Editorial Modules
  • Keyword advertising campaigns to reach new customers and drive sales

Mobile Storefronts are built to be search friendly and location targeted. They do not compete with existing company or brand sites, in fact, they link to and work in conjunction with existing sites to reach more buyers and drive more sales.

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