About the Shoptoit Affiliate Program

Today’s marketplace has changed. On one hand, the consumer is looking at supporting the shop local movement by purchasing from local businesses. Supporting local business creates jobs, supports local economy and is generally more environmentally friendly.

On the other hand, 96% of consumers look for the things they need using a mobile phone. Gone are the days of phone books and meandering the streets to look for the things and services that we need. We pull out a cell phone and Google it and we expect instant and accurate results. Unfortunately, an overwhelmingly large percentage of small businesses do not have an appropriate mobile search strategy or even a location-based mobile website at all. They simply cannot be found and are missing out.

It is easy to see the issue between these two goals. The consumer just doesn’t intersect with the businesses he or she is looking for.

The online ad spend has been increasing exponentially over the past couple of years, in-fact last year, in North America alone, $6 billion moved from traditional advertising to mobile search advertising. Due to the expense to get set up and manage mobile search campaigns, almost all of this transition was from big brands. Once again, local businesses are getting drowned by the larger budgets that big box names benefit from.

The solution

That is where Shoptoit comes in. We bridge the gap between the local shopping movement and online searches by making sure the mobile consumer can find your business and make their way to your door without the thousands of dollars normally attributed to a successful mobile marketing campaign.

The way it works is simple. A local business owner signs up for a Shoptoit account. You then select the $100 package or the $200 package depending on how many new customers they want. We then create a mobile site, SEO campaign and Google Adword campaign based on the products or services you provide.

The results speak for themselves.

A recent Google study states that 76% of successful local searches result in a visit to the business with 28% resulting in a sale. With a nominal investment of $100, a small business will receive 55 site visits. This $100 investment, according to Google should deliver around 40 visits or calls to your business and result in 15 sales. These are unbeatable results, which is why the big brands are flocking to mobile search advertising.

The reason this tool is so affordable is because we have partnered with Google to create an automated platform that does all of the work for you. You could get going in as little as 10 minutes and be receiving traffic to your business in less than one week.

Share the love.

Those who posses an online presence and are looking to monetize it while helping local businesses prosper can now do so with the two-tiered Shoptoit Affiliate program.

In keeping with the industry’s top trends, Shoptoit created a competitive affiliate program that will generate a passive income that only builds over time. The affiliate program is based on high commissions for local businesses who sign up and gets rewarded on a ongoing monthly basis for as long as the business uses the service.

Since the program has already shown a very high return on investment for local businesses, the affiliate and the business both benefit from the partnership!