Our eCommerce and Local Platforms Join Forces
to Help Omni-Channel Businesses

We’ve been working with small businesses of all kinds for years – with separate platforms tailored to eCommerce and local based businesses.

We’ve come to learn that many small businesses fit into both of these categories. There are a lot of small businesses that have a storefront, or physical business – and at the same time have an online eCommerce store.

These omni-channel businesses want to attract new customers to their online and physical stores, and managing this can be complicated and time consuming.

This caused us to re-think our platform, and how we can tailor it to fit these small omni-channel businesses. We’ve built one platform with functionality to drive both online and in-store sales – making it fast and easy for any small businesses to compete in search.

Our modules are built to help small businesses get new customers from online Product search – as well as local Google search. Businesses can choose what module(s) suit them best.
We’ve launched new integrations in Shopify and BigCommerce to accommodate omni-channel businesses.
Businesses using these platforms for their eCommerce store can easily connect to Shoptoit, feed us all product data, and utilize our omni-channel modules to get found by online shoppers – as well as nearby, local customers.
Don’t use Shopify or BigCommerce?
That’s ok – our new omni-channel Platform can be utilized by any business. If you’d like to learn more or get started with an omni-channel account, please fill in the simple form below and we’ll be in touch.