93% of Canadians use online search to research products, yet only 1% of retail sales occur online. With this shift in consumer behaviour, it can be difficult for retailers to measure the impact their online advertising efforts have on in-store sales.

The Hudson Bay Company and Google have conducted an online-to-store study in Canada, analyzing consumers who research online and purchase offline. According to the study, for every $1 spent in online advertising, HBC saw $14.40 in in-store sales.

“The result from Hudson’s Bay was quite impressive in comparison to what we’ve seen in the U.S.,” said Rafe Petkovic, Google’s head of industry, retail. “Per capita, we find that Canadians search [online] more than their U.S. counterparts. They’re actually going into stores more often and completing those purchases there.”

This first ever online-to-store study in Canada offers an optimistic outlook on the impact of online advertising for retailers, as well as the ability to measure this impact.

See the Google Canada blog post here: http://googlecanada.blogspot.ca/2013/06/hudsons-bay-company-proves-search.html