If you knew that 50% of smartphone and 34% of tablet local searches resulted in a store visit within ONE day of an online search, what would you do to capitalize on that knowledge?

According to Google’s latest IPSOS survey, 88% of all local searches are completed on a smartphone. 54% of consumers are checking business hours, 53% want directions to a local store, and 50% purely need a physical address to a store.

Does your marketing strategy ensure you can be found in local searches?

Smartphones play an important role in the purchase process. 58% of today’s consumers typically use their mobile device while shopping:

  • 68% review product info
  • 62% find a location
  • 37% search for promotions/coupons
  • 33% request store info or review inventory
  • 28% result in purchases

Until recently, local stores may have coasted along with a Yellow Pages listing, but the digital age demands more. Local stores no longer have just the big box store opening down the street to worry about. With the right online marketing strategy, other small retailers selling the same brands/products pose just as big – or even greater – threat. The last few years have proven that consumers are expecting to find more information about local stores and the products they sell, in online searches. At the very least, local stores must claim and optimize local listings and review sites, capitalize on social media, and generate more reviews.

Review the full survey here: https://docs.google.com/a/shoptoit.ca/file/d/0B2GEKX9zP-xcTjF5MWZGcEFlbDQ/edit?usp=drive_web