Smartphones have almost become an extension of ourselves. They are the device we turn to for the thousands of questions that cross our minds everyday. Most of us won’t go anywhere without it.

For a business owner, this is an opportunity to reach your audience in moments that really matter, allowing you to become useful and showcase your products or knowledge when consumers are looking for them.

According to the experts at Think Google, mobile searches have grown at 146% year over year with ‘Near me’ searches like ‘bakery near me’ having grown more than 130%.

In fact, 50% consumers who conduct a local search on a smart phone visit a store within a day and 18% of those searches convert into a sale.

Knowing the human desire for instant gratification, turning your focus to helpful targeted local marketing makes sense. Having a mobile presence is a great start, but it is much more than creating a smaller version of your desktop experience. It is about tailoring an experience to fulfill the needs of your consumers when they are on the go so that your offering stands out from the rest.

Consumers no longer have the patience to resort to Yellow Pages, maps or the telephone to find what they need because they don’t have to – they have their phones. Are you there when they come looking for you?