Local Business Owners & Marketers Have Voted

It is no secret that marketing decisions have become increasingly difficult to make in the recent years. A plethora of new options available and limited resources offering a complete picture of the actual Return on Investment (ROI) of each, make it all the more important for retailers to rely on other marketers’ experience in the matter.

With that in mind, BrightLocal ran its annual ‘Local Clicks & Calls’ survey in the search for the digital marketing channels that generate the most traffic, phone calls and quality leads for local businesses.

Across the board, the survey has found Local Search, with Organic Search a close second, to be the most efficient channel at driving clicks – delivering better ROI and the highest quality leads than all other channels.

Social channels such as Twitter and Facebook were the least efficient in all categories, but were not to be dismissed out right; retailers and marketers still find them useful tools for relationship building.

As a conclusion to the survey, respondents were asked which channel they would choose if they could only keep one and 34% voted for Local Search.

The picture is pretty clear: Local Search is currently the most trusted and efficient digital marketing channel.

Read the full report here: http://searchengineland.com/local-search-voted-powerful-channel-local-businesses-231230