What You Can Expect for Your $199/m
Investment in the Shoptoit Ready Bundle

With the $199 Ready Bundle we provide everything your business needs to increase your ranking, and ensure more traffic and exposure from Google Maps, Google Search, and Google Ads.

The results below take into consideration the Google Ads portion of our $199 Ready bundle only. Stay tuned for a case study on the impact of our Local Discovery Optimizer module.

Reminder: Paid traffic from Google Ads is immediate and delivers results in 2 days. Free traffic from Google Maps and Google Search is gradual, and grows over time.

We’re always being asked by new customers: What can I expect to get from Google Ads?

Giving an accurate expectation can be difficult – as many factors such as location, competition, and vertical market all determine what a business can expect in terms of cost of ads, and return on investment. We are constantly trying to monitor and compile reporting and statistics that can help us better understand what customers can expect, depending on their vertical market.

For the past 6 months we have been working with Mortgage Specialists, monitoring campaign effectiveness in order to give other mortgage specialists an idea of what they can expect from our $199 Ready bundle.
Below is an overview of what each Mortgage Specialist saw as a result on average.

Introductions to New Customers

Qualified Engagements/ Site Visits

Highly Qualified, Confirmed Leads

2 Highly Qualified Leads

50% Conversion

1 New Customer

Avg Order Value: $2,500

Cost of Bundle: $199

ROAS = $12.56 for every $1

Basically, assuming your average order value is $2,500, and that you can close 50% of the super-engaged leads you receive – you can expect that for every $1 you invest in the Shoptoit Local Search Platform, you will receive at least $12.56 in revenue.

With over 3 Million Mortgage-related searches occurring on Google each month in Canada alone, and nearly half of all Google searches being Local, we know the importance of being present and active in Local Search for Mortgage Specialists is real – and the opportunity to get new, qualified leads from Google Local Search is one every small business owner should consider.

Our team is always here to help – if you’d like to learn more about how our platform handles all aspects of local and product search for small businesses, feel free to book a call with us to learn how we can help your business succeed.