In a MobileShopTalk article by Chuck Martin posted last week, he reports that mobile visits to shopping websites have finally surpassed desktop shopping. The measurement of mobile vs. desktop retail activity has been ongoing over a period of 4 years and now, for the first time, mobile visits to retail websites have hit 51%.

The Branding Brand Mobile Commerce Index analyzed 129 million site visits, 1 billion page views and more than 3 million orders with revenues of $350 million. It interprets retail trends in verticals such as clothing, home and garden, and health and beauty from 26 major North American brands.

According to the index, mobile usage is having a significant impact on revenues, and tablets and smartphones have proven themselves valuable marketing and sales tools. This year compared to last showed the following increases alone:

89% — Revenue
64% — Orders

Mobile usage is indeed confirming itself to be a game changer for retailers, whether they sell online or exclusively in-store. Click here for more.