What Does That Mean for Your Business?

Google’s quest to better mobile search continues. At a recent conference, Google’s Gary Illyes announced that mobile and desktop search are going be separated in the coming months, with the Mobile Search Index becoming the primary index.

Given last years shift towards favoring mobile optimized websites in the search results, this is hardly surprising news. According to Google, more than half of searches now happen on mobile, and these numbers are still climbing. It makes sense that they would want to keep ahead of the curve and improve the experience for their users.

What It Means

While there are still a lot of unanswered questions about the announcement, what was clear is that the mobile version of the search index will become the primary index used to return results to users. While still active, the desktop index will become secondary, which means not as up to date.

What It Means For Your Business

This could be great for small businesses operating locally. Google favoring mobile results, means that reaching engaged customers that are close to you should become easier and easier.

Now more than ever, your website and content need to be optimized for mobile users. Speed, quality of content and mobile friendliness should be your top priority when creating or updating your online presence.

Getting your content mobile friendly may sound like a lengthy endeavor, but it is definitely worth the investment. This trend is not going away and business owners who get on board will have a definite leg up over their competitors who don’t.

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