49% of SMB owners don’t know if their marketing is effective

You work hard to get the name of your small business out there, but do you know if your efforts are generating the results that you want?

According to a recent survey by InfusionSoft and LeadPages, 62% of SMB owners don’t. Even more surprising in a world dominated by digital consumerism, a staggering 22% of businesses have said they would not be using digital marketing at all this year!

When it comes to marketing their small business, the majority of business owners have great intentions, but time and knowledge are often limiting their ability to execute the vision.

Even when the time and efforts are invested in marketing, over 48% of survey respondents don’t know if their efforts are effective in accomplishing their goals.

Get the results that you want

How would a busy business owner implement the right strategy without taking focus away from the million other items that require attention? Get some help!

Before you reach out for help however, do your homework. Ask yourself 3 questions:

1. Who is target customer?
2. Who are your competitors?
3. How are you different from your competitors?

Once you are ready to communicate the answer to these questions clearly, look for a firm that can help you implement these 5 strategies:

1. Search Engine Marketing
2. Mobile Marketing
3. Content Marketing
4. Social Media Marketing
5. Local SEO

Start small, build trust and communicate often so you can start linking the changes in your business to the efforts outputted from your marketing team. Learn from what they do and turn your focus towards things that you excel at.