The news is out: Local Advertising on Google is Eating Traditional Advertising.

Why? Because it’s more effective at reaching the right audience at the right time. Sorry television, your reign is over as the top dog.

Local search on Google grew by an astonishing 50% last year, and mobile advertising is projected to take over television, radio, and print combined.

Google local ads are seen by potential customers at the very moment that they’re searching for a particular product or service. Other advertising methods cannot compete with the effectiveness of local search advertising, and if you are a small business owner catering to a local market, the opportunity to reach new customers has never been better.

So why is it that less than 10% of small businesses currently take advantage of Local Ads on Google?

Simply because it has been too complicated to run an effective ad campaign themselves – and hiring an agency or consultant is just too expensive. It is estimated that for small budgets, it is not uncommon to spend 3-5 times more on the fees charged by a consultant to run ads, than on the actual ads themselves. The reason being the time it takes to run an effective local ad campaign, when that time is spent by an expensive consultant.

The Donning of a New Era for Small Business

Automation is everywhere today – accounting, payroll, CRM, email marketing, etc. – automated software is helping small businesses in many ways. With Ai and Automation, software platforms can replace expensive consultants and allow small businesses to stay ahead of their competition.

Local AdWords Demystified

If a small business is going to advertise locally, Google (who delivers more than 1 billion local introductions per month) is the best place to start.

To do this for your business you must: pick your target market, select the word combinations (called keywords) searchers might use to find a business like yours, determine a bid price on each of those keywords, set your budget, and create your ads. Now filter through the data to figure out which keywords perform the best, and where you are wasting money. Then adjust your bidding accordingly, and check daily to see if today was the same as yesterday.

Does this sound quick and easy? If you are a robot, it is. Algorithms, Ai, machine learning, automation – whatever you want to call it – the fact is computers can do infinitely more, at a fraction of the cost of people. That means huge savings on the expenses related to the creation and management of ad campaigns.

With this new breed of automated platforms, these massive cost reductions can be passed along to small businesses, making local search advertising attainable for everyone, not just the big guys.

Local AdWords, the best performing advertising method for a small business, is now affordable due to automation. If you want new customers to find your business ahead of your competitors, you can get started with a locally targeted AdWords campaign on Google. Many small businesses start with a budget of just $200 per month, and start seeing immediate results.

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