Simple and Significant

High impact AdWords campaigns for each product you sell.
Our automated Google integration does all the work for you.

Reach Buyers, not Browsers

Reach buyers at the point of purchase with Long-tail AdWords campaigns for each product you sell.

Get More for your Money

No setup or management fees, and our automated fixed bidding system ensures you never overpay for clicks.

Join the more than 2,500 Retailers

Who are driving sales with the Shoptoit Platform.

Keyword Ads Made Easy

Our automated Google integration allows you to create keyword ads for each product you sell. Simply add your products, set a budget, and we do the rest!

Targeted Long-Tail Keywords

Reach qualified buyers with our automatically generated long-tail keywords. Long-tail descriptive keywords allow you to reach buyers, not browsers.

More Traffic, Less Cost

Our fixed bid cost-per-click model means you will never over-pay for clicks. There are no setup fees, no management fees, no contracts, and no monthly minimums.


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Shopify or Bigcommerce users

Download one of our free apps to automatically request an account and send us your products.

Getting started with Shoptoit is fast, free to start, and there are:

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The Shoptoit platform made it simple and quick for me to get my small business exposure online. As someone with little technical skills, I really appreciated how easy it was to get my products listed on Google. I no longer need to hire an agency – I simply set up my daily budget and Shoptoit literally looked after everything else.” Mark

Synergy Wordwide

“As a small retailer competing with big name brands, I am very pleased with the performance of the Shoptoit program. Working with Shoptoit means the setup of Google Ads took no time away from me or my employees, and I do not have to worry about the stress of ongoing maintenance or management fees.” Bruce

Pinnacle Stove Sales

Join the more than 2,500 Retailers

Who are driving sales with the Shoptoit Platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my products be displayed?
When you list your products with Shoptoit, your products are categorized and displayed:

  • on our comparison site
  • in organic search engine results in Canada and the US
  • and fed through our Google AdWords integration to keyword ads – displayed to the targeted area of your choice.
How do I add my products?
We accept product data feeds in .csv, .txt, and .xml format. If you are a Shopify or Bigcommerce user, we have free apps that allow you to create an account and add your products automatically.

> Download our Shopify app
> Download our Bigcommerce app

How long does it take for my products to be live?
Once products and funds have been added to your account we will submit your products to Google. The Google approval process on new accounts can take up to 3 business days.
How am I charged for my listings?
Shoptoit merchants add the amount of their choice to their merchant account, with the minimum being $50. We simply deduct your balance each time we deliver a shopper to the product listing clicked, on your site.

Our cost per click is based on the price of your product – meaning you never overpay for your clicks. We charge no management or setup fees, you simply pay for each click we deliver.
See our price sheet

With Shoptoit you have total flexibility over your billing options and how much you spend. As long as there is a balance in your account, your products will be shown to awaiting shoppers.

If your balance is depleted, your product and keyword ads will be paused until more funds have been added. Your listings will re-appear once your balance is re-established.

Don’t worry, we will notify you via email once your balance is getting low – and at any time you may increase your budget to continue running your ads.

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Your Privacy Matters
At Shoptoit we adhere to the strictest privacy policies with you, our valued customer. Click here to review our standards.

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