Enhanced Local Store Listings

There are more than 45 million searches for local stores everyday in North America and that number is expected to double.

Increasingly, shoppers are searching from their smartphone for specific products. The good news is, when an engaged local shopper finds your store, 78% of the time they make a purchase. In order to reach these shoppers and drive store visits, you must ensure shoppers can find you based on the brands and products you sell. Introducing the Shoptoit Retail Platform Enhanced Listings.

Product Listings

Helping Shoppers find your store based on the products you sell is key to success for todays in-store retailer. With Product Listings, retailers may add products to their Store Listing and Mobile Storefront.

With our database of over 25 million products, retailers can easily add product listings to their site – even if they do not have a product feed. Our product picker lets retailers choose products from our database based on the brands they sell, with just a few clicks.
Once you’ve added products, your Shoptoit Mobile Website is automatically updated and your Mobile Storefront will be transformed into a fully functional site with individual product pages, on-site search, and filtering.
All of these pages get optimized and submitted to search engines and directories automatically, so you don’t have to do any of the work. Your will start to see site and store traffic from new customers within a few days.

Retailers listing products experience an exponential growth in search engine indexing and shopper pageviews.
Our latest case study highlights this growth – by demonstrating how adding just two products to a retailers mobile storefront increased their traffic by 900%. See our Enhanced Listings Case Study

Promotion Listings

The Shoptoit Retail Platform offers modules allowing retailers to create, manage, and publish: Promotions, Flyers and Editorial Content. Each module has schedulers and mapping tools, to make sure your content is promoted in a relevant manner. Promotional content ensures your store will stand out from the crowd – increasing both site and in-store visits.

Promotion Listings help bring customers into your store once they find you!

Social Media

Link your Shoptoit Account directly to your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts to post and promote your content. Social media promotion is viral in nature and can have a significant impact on your ability to capture new customers, and drive in-store sales.

Enhanced Listings are ready when you are! You may activate Enhanced Listings in your Shoptoit Merchant account by visiting any one of the Enhanced Listing pages. There are no contracts or setup fees, and you can cancel at anytime.

New to Shoptoit? Visit our Basic Listings page to signup and get started.