Channel Program – Next Steps

Step 1: Signup

Your first step is to tell us who you are and request a Shoptoit Channel Partner account. Channel Partner accounts are free, and contain no contracts. Upon receipt, Shoptoit will create your account and our system will email your login information.
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Step 2: Add products

Once you have logged in to your Shoptoit Channel account, your next step will be to upload a data feed containing your products. Shoptoit currently manages more than 2,000 such feeds and has a team of people to help you with this step. If you are unable to provide a feed there are options for Shoptoit to create a feed for you that can be discussed.

Once uploaded, your product feed will become the data-source for all of your participating retailers – effectively giving you brand control, and making it easy for your retailers to publish and promote your products online. Retailers will be able to utilize your product data to populate their mobile websites, and optionally run ads to drive traffic to their stores for your products.

There is no charge to you the supplier for this service, it is entirely free.

At this point you need to decide if you are willing to introduce the Shoptoit Retail Platform to your retail channel. In exchange for each new introduction, Shoptoit will provide each store location a free mobile website, complete with a selection of the products you provided. The benefits of these sites is reach for your brand, and increased sales through your channel. Many of our Channel partners have effectively used the free Shoptoit mobile website to engage new re-sellers with the offer of “if you carry our products we will give you a free mobile website with our products in them”.


Once you decide to take advantage of our retailer introductory offer, we will need to decide the preferred strategy to approach your retailers. The options are:

Option 1: Auto-Create Sites

You supply us with a list of store locations you’d like to offer a free mobile website to. Once we’ve created the sites, each retailer will be provided with their site url, so they may view their site, and claim it – at which point they will have access and control over their own site and account. Claimed sites will then be included in search results, driving in-store sales for both their store and your products.

Shoptoit can work with you to create and then send the email from our servers, masked to appear to have come from your organization with a link so they can see their pre-created site. Or we can supply you with a list of the URLs so you can send your own introductory email, containing a live link to their pre-created site.

Option 2: Request Sample Site

If you do not wish to create a site for your retailers as a start, we can create a sample site containing your products as an example. We can then introduce the program to your retailers, allowing them to request their free mobile website. Shoptoit will create a webform that you can include in your introduction email, as well as use it to create sites for accounts on a one-off basis.

Our preference, and experience, has been to auto-create the sites. It seems when we ask retailers to participate they do not act very quickly. They tend to feel like they are not ready and want to prepare – which, ironically, is this reason they currently have either no site or a sub-par site. When they are presented with a live site they tend to react much more quickly.

Step 3: Option 1 – Upload Store Locations

For us to auto-create sites for your retailers, you will need to supply us with a spreadsheet containing your store locations. This can be a .csv file including the fields listed below. We will look after the rest.

store name
location name (ie. Dominion Mall)
location address
city / town
postal code
phone number
email address

Step 3: Option 2 – Request a Sample Site

Alternatively, you may request a demo site and mobile site request form. These may be sent to your retail channel urging them to request a mobile site. At which time a site will be created, and the retailer will be instructed to claim and verify their site for search engine inclusion.

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