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Shoptoit Channel Program

Shoptoit is in the creating awareness stage of the sales cycle, and has created a mutually beneficial offer aimed at Distributors and Manufacturers. We are interested in partnering with trusted suppliers who want help increasing product sales through their SMB retail sales channel.

Get free mobile websites, with your products, for each of your independent re-sellers

The Shoptoit Channel Program is free for distributors, and gives each participating in-store retailer a free mobile website complete with select products that you supply. These websites called “Mobile Storefronts” are designed to work with search engines to capture smartphone shoppers and drive in-store sales.

The Shoptoit Channel Program is designed to drive sales through the SMB retail channel by helping retailers get found by searchers, based on the manufacturer’s products they sell.

We have created the Shoptoit Channel Program to help you:
  • Control your brand online
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Attract new re-sellers
  • Support existing re-sellers
  • Drive in-store sales through the channel

The Shoptoit Channel Program is completely managed by the Shoptoit team and requires very little time on your part. You simply need to provide us with digital versions of the products you represent, and a list of stores you’s like to offer mobile storefronts to. Shoptoit will look after the rest.

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