As you know Shoptoit drives local traffic and new customers to your business. We do this by getting you found by nearby searchers actively looking for the specific products, services, brands and categories your business provides. The traffic is delivered to your mobile website. Whether it’s to a site we provide or to your own website your website needs to be able to convert the browser to a customer. Customization of your site is an important way to gain the searchers trust and turn them into customers.

If you decide to use a location-based mobile website from Shoptoit, you will have a site that can easily be customized (literally no technical skills required) to suit your needs. Below are the elements of the site that you can customize at any time and as many times as you like.

All of the customizations will require quality images in either .jpeg or .png file formats, that are readily available on the Internet and there will be size parameters to consider. Grab an image from Google and your good to go. Click here to learn more about Google Image Search

Example sites are: and

Customizable Area Sample
Theme Colour: You can select/change the theme colour of your site. Includes all buttons and link text (ie. clickable email address and phone number). Choose the best colour for your brand.
Logo: Upload your logo to appear on the header of all pages. This will help existing and new customers recognize your brand.
Clickable Banner 1: This banner is one of the first things that people will see when they go to your site. Use the space wisely! You can upload a banner graphic promoting your services or requesting for them to contact you. You can link this banner to another service or site using a URL.
About Us Header Image:  Make your site pop with a custom header image. Choose a simple image that reflects your brand.
Reviews: Google loves reviews! Make sure and request reviews from your customers and add them in here. It will help your site show up higher in search results.
What We Do Image: Here is another place that you can upload a nice photo that reflects your brand.  
What We Do: This section is populated by the ‘Store Description’ field. Use it to explain what your business is all about. Use descriptive words that people who are looking for your service might type into a search engine. This will help them find you.
Keywords: List all of the words that you can think of that a potential customer might type into a search engine to find you. The search engines will use these words and display your site more often when people are looking for these words. They will also be used to create your Google Adwords campaign should you purchase that option.
Photos: People love to see what a business looks like before they come visit, so add some photos of your business here. It also helps them find your location when they are driving around looking for you.
Announcement: Use this space for any text-only promotion or call to action. You can set a start and end date to display the content for anything you add in this space.   
Team: Here you can add your staff member’s photos and bios. This will help give new customers confidence in your business and also allow google to index them in case clients are searching for them by name.  
Address & Contact Info: Make sure that your address and contact info are correct. The address that you put in here is the one that will display on the Google Map.  
Social Media Account Links: If you have any business accounts on the top social networks you can add the URL in and the appropriate clickable icon(s) will show here.
 Payment Types Accepted: Let your customers know how they can pay you. Select the payment methods that you accepts and the icons will show here.  
Hours: It is important to let your potential customers know when they can visit your business. Make sure your hours are correct. There is also a text field that you can use to add any additional information about your location or hours to help potential customers find you.
Map: This is a map to your location and is automatically created based on the address that you input in your store address field. Make sure that it is in a format that Google will recognize so it shows the map correctly.