Google states they are now delivering more than 11 billion introductions to local businesses per month, and that 76% of these introductions result in a connection with a business.

95% of these introductions happen on the first page of search results, and with space being limited, you need to ensure you are beating your competition to get found by that new customer.

However most small businesses are not digitally prepared and are simply missing out on both free and paid leads from Google.

If you are one of those businesses missing out, you’re not alone – but with local search growing by an astounding 50% in 2018, you really need to consider a plan before your competitors do.

But knowing where to start can be overwhelming.

Due to cloud computing, we have witnessed massive growth and adoption of SaaS solutions in various business areas – such as finance, business, and HR management. Cloud computing helps small businesses run their business using affordable and automated tools.

Shoptoit is a cloud-based SaaS platform focussed on automating the entire local search process for a small business. Our Google Starter kit is a great example of an automated, cloud based, useful tool for small businesses.

Our Google Starter Kit helps your business rank higher in Google Local Search and Google My Business, and gives you detailed reporting outlining areas for improvement.

We create a data rich API containing your business information, and use this location-rich data to scan the local ecosystem. We then provide you with detailed reports outlining what Google sees about your business, and where you rank against your competitors. Your business API constantly updates the local search ecosystem, including Google My Business – helping you rank higher in search results.
The first step to improving your chances of getting found by new nearby customers is to understand where you currently rank, and where improvements are needed. Our Google Starter Kit helps you understand where you currently rank, and helps you improve your ranking over time.
Watch our overview video to learn more, or visit our Google Starter Kit page. Interested in trying our Google Starter Kit for free? Request a coupon code by filling in the short form below.

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