In Jeff Hasen’s column for Mobile Commerce Daily on May 9, 2012, he summarizes what he learned from the dozens of pioneers he interviewed for his book Mobilized Marketing: Driving Sales, Engagement, and Loyalty Through Mobile Devices, into 3 valuable pieces of advice for marketers:

  1. Be Brave
  2. Use measurement tools, even if they aren’t perfect, and
  3. Run pilots before betting it all on mobile

While mobile marketing may represent dark and uncharted waters for many retailers, mobile shopping is growing exponentially and is poised to dwarf desktop shopping in the not too distant future. Whereas tech-savvy shoppers once relied entirely on computers to research their purchase options, smartphones conveniently put the internet at their fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This changes the game significantly. A mobile strategy puts retailers in a position to capture point-of-purchase shoppers as they are doing product, pricing and store research, on the go. These shoppers are in their final stages of making a purchasing decision and are highly lucrative for marketers in terms of return on ad spend and ultimately increasing profit, by being able to drive sales via ShopToIt’s cost-effective solutions.

ShopToIt offers all retailers the ability to create a multichannel mobile presence, without “betting it all on mobile”.

  1. Increase online sales: by listing their products and store locations on the ShopToIt networks, etailers with local store locations can increase online and in-store sales by providing instant gratification for on-the-go shoppers looking for the products they sell in a store near them. Pureplay etailers are able to offer spend-thrift shoppers with pricing alternatives in the mobile√ā¬†browsing phenomenon known as “window shopping”. Learn more here.
  2. Increase in-store sales: ShopToIt lists over 85,000 Canadian store locations in our Local Store Directory. Any local store in Canada can list in this program free of charge. Listing store locations on ShopToIt means that shoppers can find you on the web and mobile. Learn more.
  3. ShopToIt Mobile: all participating pureplays, etailers with store locations, and local stores with no web presence, are included in Canada’s first mobile shopping application for iPhone. Learn more about it here.