It has been established that an eCommerce platform is the way of the future, but a recent infographic posted in the Wall Street Journal by Shop Visible shows that the benefits go beyond online sales to translate into in-store benefits.

According to recent research, 78% of consumers still prefer to shop in-store, with 37% of consumers researching the products online prior to purchasing.

Also demonstrated is that while online sales only account for 6% of total retail purchases, merchants stand a better chance at securing a sale by offering in-store returns. In fact, 18% of retailers are able to secure a secondary sale by offering in-store returns to online shoppers.

The take away from this research is that merchants benefit immensely from integrating multiple channels into their marketing strategy. The more options consumers have to research, locate, purchase and return products, the more successful a merchant will be going forward in today’s highly competitive retail economy.

Even though a mobile experience might not offer direct financial benefits through online conversion, it is imperative that in­store retailers publish their store content in a mobile friendly format to reach these shoppers and drive sales.