Although the Weather Channel has been able to geotarget mobile ads using the local weather conditions a user is accessing for some time now, they can now tailor mobile ads to areas as small as a city block.

Online Media Daily reports that the Weather Channel will be rolling out hyperlocal targeting via a new partnership with location data provider PlaceIQ. The project will begin on their iPhone app, followed by an Android app in July, and all other mobile platforms later this year. Several major brands including Chevy Silverado, Ram Truck, and Frito-Lay will be participating in the new ad launch.

With society’s heavy adoption of smartphones, marketers are quickly shifting their attention to hyperlocal advertising in a number of consumer verticals, including retail.

Contextual Promotions on the ShopToIt Network

Contextual marketing served up in a locational format has been dubbed the holy grail of advertising. Hyperlocal, contextual advertising introduces offers to a highly engaged, point-of-purchase shoppers. It essentially  allows marketers to skip the awareness and branding phase and gets down to the business of converting to sale.

ShopToIt’s recent launch of our “Context Marketing Tools” puts online and local retailers in a position to market their promotions, flyers, special offers, seasonal buying advice and more, to point-of-purchase shoppers. Context Marketing Tools is a user-friendly, self-managed module that operates on a pay-for-performance basis. Promotions are quick, easy and free to set up, run and manage, and clicks cost between .25c – .75c.

Context Marketing Tools present a no risk advertising opportunity to highly contextual and geo-relevant audiences. Advertising can be targeted by shopping category ie. Women’s Shoes, and geo-location. ShopToIt uses IP addresses to determine a user’s location when they are active on their desktop, and their smartphone GPS location when they are active on their mobile device which ensures active shoppers only see content directly relative to what they are shopping for, and available to them online or in a store within 25km of their location.

Unlike traditional online shopping search engines, ShopToIt caters to a local and online market. Retailers no longer need to list their products on ShopToIt, nor are they required to sell online in order to advertise their promotions, flyers etc. to an engaged network of online and smartphone shoppers.

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