As a small eCommerce store, you know the struggles of competing with the ‘big guys’ in search.
Trying to keep up with their thought out tactics, and massive budgets is most likely a struggle for your business and you don’t know where or how to start.

We’ve been working with eCommerce retailers since 2005, and have continued to see the small guy struggle, while the big get bigger. This led us spend the past few years developing a platform that’s built for the often forgotten small business.

As you know the days are long gone where you could just create an eCommerce store and expect new customers to find you. Today you are a needle in a needle-stack. You must do something to reach new customers, and the best returns you can possibly find are in search – but only if you properly manage what’s called “the long-tail”.

Where retailers see the best returns on time and spend is what’s called the “Long Tail” of advertising.

Long-tail search queries happen in the buying stage and contain 4 or more keywords. The long-tail is where big retailers have been getting amazing returns for years.

Instead of spending high cost per click for generic terms such as ‘coffee maker’, budgets are better spent on search queries further along the buying stage, such as ‘cuisinart premium single serve coffee maker’.

What’s more, the big guys also dominate ads through multiple landscapes. The primary being Google Ads and Amazon Advertising.

These ads are what we call Product Based Ads, and they dominate the eCommerce advertising landscape.

A Product Based Ad is an advertisement that highlights a specific product an eCommerce store sells. Product Based Ads are highly product-focused, often visual, and consistently outperform other ad types for eCommerce retailers. Product Based Ads outperform other ad types because they are delivered to the shopper at the exact point-of-purchase.

We all think of Google as the top search engine – but that’s no longer the case when it comes to product search. Amazon has now surpassed Google as the starting point for online consumers, and is expected to continue to do so.

When looking for a product 38% of consumers start with Amazon, while 35% start with Google


This means using any one, or both of these outlets to get more new customers from product search is a great place to start.

Available Google Ads for eCommerce stores:

  • Search Ads
  • Retargeting Ads
  • Shopping Ads

Available Amazon Ads for eCommerce stores:

  • Sponsored Products
  • Display Ads

Competing with the large budgets of the ‘big guys’ has made it difficult for the small guy to compete.

But there is hope on the horizon for the small guy. With more and more tools and integrations becoming available for eCommerce stores, doors are being open to help smaller businesses compete in product search.

We built our automated platform to do just that. Our automated long-tail Product Based Ad platform was​ built with the small guy in mind.

Our platform harnesses the lucrative long-tail of advertising and is attainable for any sized budget. With no contracts, no setup fees, and budgets starting at just $50/month – everything about Shoptoit is built specifically to help small eCommerce stores thrive in today’s competitive online marketplace.