Google revamping the search index to favor Mobile friendly results is big news for online marketers and businesses of all sizes. What does it mean for you as an Affiliate Marketer?

It means that you can expect a significant increase in the interest level of small businesses focused around mobile marketing tools like the Shoptoit Marketing Platform.

In fact, every month, there are already 3.5 million searches for Google AdWords and Search Marketing and we are pretty confident that this trend won’t be slowing down any time soon.


What Makes a Successful Affiliates Program?

What every affiliate program should have is a solution to a problem. It has to be something that people want or need – hence the success of programs like Shopify, Web Tools or Amazon.

No matter your industry of choice, the number one secret to successful sales is to believe in your product. Advocating for a product or service that you know works and that will most definitely improve the life of the person or business you are speaking to guarantees authenticity and enthusiasm in your message delivery.

Of course, recurring commissions, great ads and accessible information also contribute to your success as an affiliate, which is where we come in.


Why Shoptoit?

Our goal is to help small business owners compete with the Big Guys in Mobile Search Marketing. Mobile search delivers excellent results, but it is simply too complicated, time consuming and technical for small businesses to master on their own. Their only alternative is to hire and agency or consultant, at considerable expense, to create and manage search for their business. Often starting at tens of thousands of dollars, small businesses are simply locked out of the best way for them to reach new customers and drive sales – local mobile search marketing. Until now!

The Shoptoit Marketing Platform makes it ridiculously easy for small businesses to get found in search and for business owners to create high-impact keyword campaigns for each product they sell in minutes.


How does it work?

The way it works is simple. A local business signs up for a Shoptoit account. They select a package according to their budget and amount of new customers they want – with packages starting as low as $100. We then create a mobile site, SEO campaign and Google Adwords campaign based on the products or services they opt to showcase.

It is that simple and it works. In fact, a recent Google study states that 76% of successful local searches result in a visit to the business with 28% resulting in a sale. These numbers tell us that for a typical small business, a $100 investment should translate into 40 visits or calls to the business and result in 15 sales.


Get started Today!

Step ahead of the trend and help small local businesses thrive in this new digital age. Become a partner and benefit from lifetime recurring commissions advocating for a product that truly helps.

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