Google is set to launch more free listings in product search pages in the U.S., giving small businesses with no budget a chance to be found for the products they sell.

When a consumer is searching for a specific product, Google displays information in what’s called the Product Knowledge Panel. This gives searchers a list of businesses that sell the product they’re searching for. With the struggles recently faced by small businesses, these listings were primarily dominated by bigger businesses, with bigger budgets. Beginning this summer these listings will become free.

This move follows Googles launch of free listings in the Google Shopping tab back in April, and is expected to continue to help small businesses recover from months of lost revenue.

“This change [announced in April] has already produced a significant increase in user engagement, with both clicks and impressions up substantially for merchants, meaning consumers are finding more of the products they’re looking for from a wider range of options,” Bill Ready president, Commerce, wrote in a recent post. “Sellers of all sizes are benefiting from this incremental traffic, particularly small and medium-sized businesses.”

Ready believes these changes will help companies generate billions of dollars in sales in the U.S annually.

These free listings in Google Search will appear in the product knowledge panel that shows buying options for a particular item – for example, a tea kettle.

The options currently displayed in this panel are all sponsored links from businesses buying ads, but beginning this summer these listings will become free.

To take advantage of these free listings, businesses simply submit their product data to Google in the form of a product feed. If your product data feed includes the product being searched, your business will be eligible to appear in these free listings.

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