Google QuickStart Frequently Asked Questions


What if I already have a website?

No problem! Your sites link together and they both benefit from the link exchange. A Shoptoit LeadSite is designed specifically to work with Google mobile search  to reach new customers and drive visits to your business based on the products and services you provide locally. We simply link the sites to each other and you have more chances of getting found.

Is there a contract? Can I cancel?

With Shoptoit there are no contracts so you can cancel at anytime. The site will remain built and you can re-start reaching new customers using Google AdWords when you are ready.

What if I already have an agency/consultant managing search for me?

Gary the automated Shoptoit search robot can manage massive amounts of data about your business. Your consultant charges by time spent on your account – labor. While consultants are great at strategy they simply cannot manage data like artificial intelligence can. We suggest you give Gary a try and compare the results. We are sure you will be impressed.

What is a Guaranteed Visitor?

When you are running an AdWords campaign via Shoptoit, we can guarantee quality visitors to your LeadSite. These are nearby searchers (in your target area – default is 20 miles) who have searched for a specific product or service that you provide – They are engaged buyers. All AdWords visits are verified by Google to have come from your target area only and they will result in both visits and calls to your business.

How can you be so much less expensive then other providers?

By automating the entire search process, Gary the Shoptoit search robot can manage massive amounts of data and talk directly with Google at the same time. As a result, there are is no labor or labor costs. For our competitors, labor is the cost that your management fees are based on. In essence, with Shoptoit there are no labor costs which translate into massive savings and better results for your business.

Who is Shoptoit?

Since 2005 Shoptoit has been trusted by over 2,500 companies like Walmart, Home Depot and many many others to reach new customers. We have entered into partnership agreements with Google, Yahoo, MSN, Yellow Pages, AOL and many more over the years. We are focused on helping small and mid-sized businesses reach new customers and we built our automated search platform directly with Google. Click here to visit our about us page.