You may have already heard the controversial news stating Google recently deleted 3 million business listings from Google My Business.

Google positions this decision as a way to ensure fake or fraudulent listings are removed from their experience.

But are these 3 million, and counting, deleted businesses all fake? Evidently not, as small business owners are now scrambling to re-instate their removed listings – even causing Google to announce a major delay in dealing with re-instating these valid listings.

When Google makes decisions like this, the impact is most felt by small business owners just trying to stay competitive in their local market.

With 46% of all Google searches being locally-motivated, ensuring your business is displayed in Google Maps and local searches is crucial when trying to reach new local customers . This means if Google removes or decides not to trust your Google my Business listing, you are missing out entirely on these potential new customers.

Google’s decision to remove 3 million local business listings is a perfect example of how quickly things can change for your business, and how staying on top of Google’s growing list of changes is imperative to staying ahead.

Ensuring a Google My Business listing is valid, verified, and continuously updated, is something most small business owners have over-looked – and they are now realizing the consequences of this.

How you can ensure this does not happen to your business

Google has made one thing clear with these most recent updates – the businesses who actively update and maintain their Google My Business profiles will be rewarded.

To ensure you are being show alongside your competitors in local map searches on Google, the first thing you must do is check that you have a verified, accurate Business Listing on Google. You then must ensure you ‘ping’ Google often, whether it’s by adding photos, posts, promotions, etc.

As part of our Google Starter Kit, businesses can connect their Google My Business Listing to Shoptoit using our Google Direct Connect API. We ensure your Google My Business listing is setup to Google standards, increasing your rank, and we constantly ‘ping’ Google to ensure they know you are real, and trust you.

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What to do if your Google Business Listing was removed

If your Google My Business listing was affected by this, you need to complete a reinstatement request through Google here:

We’re always here to help. If you’d like to discuss how our automated platform may be a good fit for your bsuiness, feel free to book a no-pressure call with a Shoptoit rep.

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