Looking to Get More Customers from Google?

Ensure you are doing all you can to get your business visible on Google results by following some very simple rules.

1. Content is King

Today, people search from their phones for specific products and services, and they are looking for nearby businesses – it’s called Local Search and it’s growing everyday.

To be found in local search results, businesses must let Google know what products and services they sell, and what their physical location details are. Businesses also must consider voice search, map search, and long-tail keyword search. Being optimized for 10-20 words is no longer good enough – you need hundreds of words to ensure success.

The good news is, that’s easy to do with the Shoptoit Search Platform. Simply log into your account and add your business information – including the products and services you provide. There are no limits.

Adding content is simple, and we have more than 30 million pre-made products you can choose to load to your site. Literally, in a few minutes you can have a comprehensive local SEO campaign up and running for your business.

2. Back Links Increase Ranking

Ever wonder how Google decides which website to show first?

The top 10 websites listed on a search results page receive over 90% of all the clicks. People rarely even look past the top 10. And now with Google’s “local stack” (the maps you see on many search results pages) it is even more important that your business is ranked high.

With Shoptoit you can add the Listings Management Module to your account – and we will not only integrate into your Google My Business listing, we will also create listings on a whole host of other sites, like: Facebook, Local, Yelp, and Apple Maps. These listings will generate backlinks to your site, dramatically increasing your likelihood of getting listed in the top 10 results. Additionally, your business listing will be added the GPS databases of both here and TomTom so you will even get found when drivers search from their cars.

3. Ads Guarantee Exposure

Locally Targeted Ads ensure you’re being shown to potential customers.

They are searching near you, they have the intention to buy, and they are looking for a local business to help them. When they do find a nearby business, 90% of them act – they call or visit the business and most of them do so in less than 1-hour.

Locally targeted keyword advertising is quite simply the most effective form of advertising any small business can invest in to get new customers. However it can be hard to setup properly, and very time consuming to manage. That is – until now!

Meet “Gary” Shoptoit’s search robot. He removes all the hassle of Google management – and because he is a machine, he manages and optimizes vast amounts of data to ensure you get the best return on your investment. Once you have told Gary what you want to be found for, the local area you want to target, and what your monthly budget is – your work is done. It really is that simple, and you’ll see tangible results in only a few days.

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