Announcing our Free Keyword Generator for Google AdWords

We know deciding what keywords to use in your Google campaigns can be a daunting, time consuming task. You want to be found for the products you sell – and generating keywords that reflect this is the number one key to success in Google AdWords.


We have developed a free app that allows eCommerce retailers to automatically create an export of keywords specific to the products they sell, properly formatted for Google AdWords.

We have started by making our long-tail keyword generator tool FREE to all Shopify merchants, using our Shopify app.

Are you a Shopify user?

Simply download our app to create a free Shoptoit account – where you can generate your keyword file.

If you already have our app installed, please re-install it to generate your keyword file

Not a Shopify user?

We are working on making this feature available to all eCommerce retailers.
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