One of the biggest selling product categories is electronics – from televisions and video gaming equipment to MP3 players and tablet computers. Thousands of units of electronics are moved from the factory to the warehouse to the store each year around the world, creating opportunities for great retail success but also creating some challenges in terms of accuracy, product management, merchandising and even theft. Helping to address and solve these issues are barcodes and related technology.

The introduction of barcode technology has led to the elimination of manual processes throughout the supply and retail chain, reducing mistakes attributed to human error. The result is accurate and fast transactions that are bound to improve any type of business.  Here are the main business improvements found with an electronics retailer:

Tracking and Identification

As with any product, electronics need to be carefully tracked and identified to ensure that each electronic item gets to the right store and shelf. With so many of these products in high demand, tracking is essential because quantities need to be known so that more can be ordered before the shelves become empty and dissatisfied customers are standing there ready to buy. You want to have the products available to send them on their way with the electronic item of choice and drive your revenues. The barcode scanner can identify and track each electronic product that has a unique barcode label so you can know the location of each and every item. Being able to track electronics also helps with planning promotions and guiding marketing strategies.

Accuracy and Speed

If you do not have an accurate way to keep all electronics in your store or warehouse, mistakes will cost you critical retail sales and slow the process of actually selling the goods. You also want to make sure the right price and product identification is entered into the cash register so that you can track what is being sold. You also want to ensure that customers have a greater service experience and do not have to wait long to get their new electronic gadget home. A barcode scanner speeds the sale as well as inventory processing and gets products shipped to the store faster to make more sales.

Theft Deterrence

Electronics are one of the most popular items to steal because they are in-demand and often more expensive than other types of products. This makes barcodes very important because it helps put an identity to every product and can deter criminals, including those that come into the store and even those employees that are trying to take merchandise, or at the very least help to catch them and get the merchandise back.

Savings Galore

The cost savings for an electronics retailer is significant and runs the gamut from labour savings due to fewer hours needed now that there are no manual processes as well as payroll, training, inventory and logistics costs. More retailers are even offering a self-checkout option thanks to the ability to scan their own merchandise and pay through an automated payment machine.



This article was written on behalf of The Barcode Depot, a company selling barcode-related products across the UK, including everything from Toshiba thermal transfer ribbons to professional barcoding software.