Open the Digital Doorway to More eCommerce Customers from Google Ads

Our automated platform for eCommerce stores is the easiest way to run search ad campaigns. With machine learning we Improve your conversion rate and reduce PPC costs – plus our automated platform does all the work.

You Will Save Money

Our bid optimization scripts are based on machine learning, and optimize your campaigns every day. Our price based bidding model means you’ll never overpay for bids.

You Will Save Time

Our automated Google integration creates and manages your ad campaigns for you. You simply set your targeting and budget, and we look after the rest.

You Will Increase ROAS

Our algorithm focuses on head words and long tailed keywords, and takes into account the price of each product – ensuring a high return on ad spend.

We use the advertising method that works best for you.

Google Adwords

Automatically create Google keyword ads for each of your products. Our Google AdWords API manages thousands of variations of keywords for your products.

Google Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamically create ads that include the price, image, and text of your choice, all based on the behavior of your website visitors.

Google Shopping Ads

Automatically create Google Shopping ads for each of your products. These ads are product specific, and are visually displayed at the top of search results pages.

Join 2500+ other eCommerce stores using Shoptoit to grow their business

“The Shoptoit platform made it simple and quick for me to get my small business exposure online. As someone with little technical skills, I really appreciated how easy it was to get my products listed on Google. I no longer need to hire an agency – I simply set up my daily budget and Shoptoit literally looked after everything else.”
Mark Naylor, Synergy Worldwide

Our Transparency, Technology, and Commitment to Customer Service Makes Us Stand Out

Fixed Price Buckets

We use smart price buckets to calculate bids, ensuring you never overspend on clicks

Clear Pricing Structure

From the start we make sure that you know how we run and use your money

No Contracts or Setup Fees

Our automated platform ensures easy setup – meaning no setup fees for you. And your account may be cancelled at any time

Hands On Support

We work with you from the start to understand your needs and deliver the best results

Have questions, or want to learn more?

Schedule a call with one of our team members at a time that works for you.

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