Thank you and Graham Charlton for a great article outlining 13 eCommerce Best Practices.

In this article, Mr. Charlton reviews the successes of British online appliances dealer, The company launched 14 years ago and has whipped up a winning recipe of just the right design and customer experience, as well as a culture of testing and optimisation.

Site design, navigation and technical functionality play an integral role in the overall success of an ecommerce store. excels in the following:

About Us – what can be a rather underrated and underutilized page on many websites has been put to excellent use on The page expertly explains the company’s offer and committed customer service policy, while cleverly integrating social channels.

Effectively Displaying Technical Information – does an excellent job of simplifying technical information and displaying it such that a shopper can easily determine what functions they are getting at a glance. Furthermore, they can compare similar products side by side to better understand their similarities and differences.

No Nonsense – Narrowing Choice – filtered navigation is nothing new, but when it is properly implemented and utilized, it is highly effective at assisting the consumer to quickly and effortlessly filter out the noise. also displays preselected choices in the form of their Top 5 lists.

Successful Social Media – has done an excellent job of nurturing their social following and interaction on the site. Customer feedback/comments features on almost every page.

Extensive Use of Video – most product pages feature a video of an AO team member giving a live demonstration of the product and it’s features – something the consumer forfeits when he shops online.

No Registration Checkout – a one page checkout offers customers a quick and easy way to pay for their order – no registration process required.

Emailing Basket Contents – instead of timing a shopping session out, offers their customers the option of emailing themselves their basket contents. A gift to the consumer who may be in the middle of extensive research, and a genius way for to collect email addresses for future marketing efforts.

Of course, site design and usability are not wholly responsible for’s success – they truly focus on customer satisfaction, as Mr. Charlton aptly shares, in areas like their delivery and returns policies, and more.

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