This year it’s expected that the money spent on digital advertising will finally overtake spending on traditional ads, according to the latest forecast from eMarketer.

It is predicted that U.S. digital ad spend will increase 19.1 percent this year, while traditional advertising will fall by 19 percent. That means digital will account for 54.2 percent of total spend, while traditional will only represent 45.8 percent.

It’s also expected that by 2023, digital will account for more than two-thirds of total ad spending.

Businesses can no longer ignore digital marketing. If you are looking to find new customers for the products or services you provide, you must implement a digital strategy for your business.

We’ve put together a video that helps small businesses understand the digital marketing ecosystem, and what they need to do to ensure they are not missing out.

Digital Marketing for Small Business: A Complete Overview

Understand why local search and digital marketing matter for every small business. We cover the change in consumer behavior, the rise, and dominance of digital marketing, the impact local search is having on small businesses, and what is required to compete in today’s digital landscape. How to get free traffic from Google and why a small budget advertising campaign works. Also, how cloud computing and automation have leveled the playing field for small business making it affordable to compete, head to head, with the big brands to get found by that next new customer.
RUNTIME: 10:57


Consumer Behaviour 0:10
Role of Google 0:48
How Google Works 2:14
Getting Traffic from Google 2:41
How Do Google Ads Work 3:32
Getting Free Traffic from Google 4:05
Options for Managing Campaigns 6:46
Cloud Computing Option 8:28
Shoptoit Overview 9:14

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