In order to help small businesses recover from these challenging times, Calgary Economic Development has teamed up with Shoptoit to deliver the Shoptoit Google Starter Kit for 2-years free to any business.
“When we were approached by CED to participate in a webinar aimed at helping small businesses understand the changes in consumer behavior and what they can do to adjust and recover from the Covid-19 crisis they are facing, we felt compelled to do our part to help by giving more than just our time and educating them.   We decided to give the CED something that they could give to small businesses that will actually drive results to the business and help them go forward. We came up with a 2-year Free subscription to our Google Starter Kit, and made it fast and easy to get started – with no commitments or credit cards required. Businesses simply signup using the CED coupon code, and Shoptoit handles the rest to help businesses start getting new customers. It’s really that simple.”

Chris Dorland – VP Partners Shoptoit Inc.

The Shoptoit team provided all of the creative including the branded landing page, custom sign up form with unique coupon code, and webinar presentation content. CED was able to launch the entire idea in just 5 days and get it to where it is needed most – local small businesses.

Webinar attendance can be unpredictable, but we were pleasantly surprised when the webinar registration sign up was high, and astonishingly over 80% of attendees actually attended the event live. This is a real testament to the relevance of the content, and to how much small businesses need help in today’s challenging times.

Any small business can take advantage of this offer to help them recover. So use it yourself or pass it along, we hope to help as many small businesses as possible.

See the Calgary Economic Development Offer Here:

Signup for a free Google Starter Kit for your business, regardless of what city you’re in here:

If you’re an organization that deals with many small businesses, and you’d like to extend an offer similar to this one, feel free to book a time to chat with us.