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My name is Chris Dorland, and I am reaching out to you on behalf of Shoptoit. Shoptoit is a cloud-based, automated SaaS platform – specifically built to help small businesses create a perpetual stream of new customers from search on Google.

Our approach is to partner with trusted organizations to reach the more than 25 million small businesses that need help getting found, and that brings us to you.

The Shoptoit Partner Program: Win-Win-Win

  • Shoptoit gets to help small businesses
  • Your customer gets more new customers
  • ~Contact.Company~ gets a new revenue stream while delivering a real, churn reducing value-added service

Google is now delivering over 1 billion introductions to businesses per month in local search. Small businesses must show up in these searches to survive today, but it is just too time-consuming, technical, confusing, and expensive for them to do it themselves. Because of this, they are missing out – and they know it. They just don’t know what to do about it. They need our help.

At Shoptoit we have automated the entire search marketing process for small businesses. Due to automation, there are no labor or consulting costs involved. This massive decrease in time and expense means that any small businesses with any size budget can start getting found in Google, and start creating a stream of new customers from local search.

Our process is fast and simple – and for any of your small business customers, we get them started for free. We do all the setup work for you and supply engaging articles ~Contact.Company~ can use to help educate customers on what they are missing, and what they can do to start getting found.

We have Partnered with many trusted companies over the years, like Google, Shaw Communications, Microsoft/MSN, Yahoo, AOL to name a few.

If you are interested in learning more here is a link to our Partner Information page, or you may directly book a time with me for a quick call to discuss.

Much Appreciated.
Chris Dorland
Shoptoit Inc.

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